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Docs4Hair General Approach to Hair Loss:

  • Early diagnosis and management of hair loss condition, especially scarring alopecia by a dermatologist

  • Partnership with a trichologist to optimize scalp and hair health.

  • Hair care with a skilled, knowledgeable and caring stylist

  • Regular check-ups with a primary doctor and monitoring of blood work to rule out systemic conditions (thyroid, iron deficiency, hormone imbalance, etc.)

  • Topical and oral medications when appropriate

  • Case specific vitamin supplementation

  • Maintenance a healthy lifestyle with proper well balanced whole food diet and regular exercise

    • Consultation with a nutritionist dietician and or personal trainer for those who need guidance

  • Stress management

  • Adoption of “chemical-free”, natural hair, tension free, and/ or low risk hairstyles

  • Discussion of hair restoration if indicated